Quba Institute offers a full academic curriculum for grades Pre-K thru Grade 8. Educational services are also offered for grades 9 thru 12. In addition to offering a comprehensive academic program, students in all grades receive Arabic and Islamic Studies instruction.

Quba Institute offers:

Full-Day program for Pre-K thru 8th grades
Arabic and French as a Second Language taught by native speakers
Islamic environment promoting good morals and behavior
Islamic studies including the Holy Qur’an and Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence)
Weekly observance of Salatul-Jum’ah
Well qualified, dedicated, and caring teachers
Monitoring of student progress through ongoing assessment in accordance with PA Acamdemic Standards
Innovative holistic education and child-centred programs
Small class sizes for all grades offering individual attention for each child.
A variety of activities and learning experiences including science fairs and community-shared activities
Enrichment and remediation as field trips
Private school discipline, work ethics, and high academic standards
A comprehensive academic curriculum that prepares students for high school.